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Shirley Marie Bradby......English_For_You.....A Perfect Fit!!!

ENGLISH_FOR_YOU....A Perfect Fit!

My name is Shirley Marie Bradby and this is my blog...... English_For_You!

This blog is an opportunity to present myself and my freelance English_For_You services!
I am a professionally trained freelance ESL American English Mother Tongue Teacher, Personal ESL Trainer, and Translator with +16 years of teaching experience offline and since 15 January 2008 online with more +10,842 lessons taught to 614 students in 66 countries with a 99.9% approval rate! :))

Here on my blog you can find tips, suggestions, conversation topics, news and English lesson feeds, and online vocabulary expansion tools. Please feel free to leave comments!

I would love to read your comments and see who has visited my Blog! with the Internet my classroom is the WORLD...and you are invited to drop by to organize... together with me... private individual lessons so that you can quickly and significantly improve your English language skills!
English_For_You.....A Perfect Fit!

English_For_You.....A Perfect Fit!

<br><br>English_For_You.....A Perfect Fit!<br><br>
English_For_You.....A Perfect Fit! : )) Customized lessons tailored to your needs and goals!

English_For_You! Reaching around the world to help you communicate in English and make YOUR dreams come true! Contact me today! Spoken Check it out! English_For_You...."A Perfect Fit!"

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Monday, September 8, 2014

English_For_You Web Magazine --- Ruth Marìa Serrato Cardozo (Colombia)

New!!! English_For_You web magazine ---- Ruth Marìa Serrato Cardozo, an Information Systems Engineer and Project Manager, originally from Colombia, now living and working in Puerto Rico, is the featured student in this edition of English_For_You Web Magazine! Discover more about Ruth by reading her very interesting topics wherein she shares very personal ideas about her family, profession,and more! Just click and take a peek! Happy reading! Enjoy! : ) English_For_You!

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